Why the Title?

Sometimes, a hard road is a good thing; other times, it’s the worst possible situation.  I have read about the construction of the Appian Way of the Roman Empire, a series of roads that solidified Caesar’s realm and stood for the authority of the Roman government.  The roads were built to last, and to this day, are more stable than those built by many generations of their descendants.  It would be foolish in many levels to try to tear up the Appian Way, or attempt to replace it.

On the other hand, I have seen the hard-packed ground of a poorly-maintained field, unable to produce value or sustenance due to neglect or maybe just “status quo.”  When we only plow one way, or refuse to cultivate, the soil develops a “hard pan” that negatively affects everything around it.

Using the analogy of a road versus hard pan, the posts in this forum will relate to our need to identify what is stable roadway in our own culture, and what is hard pan that needs to be torn up occasionally.  I look forward to making sense of these things in future posts.

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